Saturday, January 5, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

So I want to start off with my skin, because for me the way my foundation looks directly correlates to my skin. I have the most awkward skin and I don't know anyone who has the same problems I do. I am combination but not regular combination. My skin is SUPER dry in my t-zone, it gets flaky and gross, but then it will be oily at the same time. As I get older the pores on either side of my nose get larger and more and more pores in my t-zone are clogged. I've been looking for a skincare solution to my ailment but for now all I can do is cover up. because my skin is so freaking awkward I have a hard time finding foundation that doesnt look gross on me. Everywhere else on my face beside that central area is fine and foundation looks great there but the makeup on my nose will look dry and flakey, either side of my nose will look cakey, and my forehead will look oily. It's just a mess.

So on to the foundation. I was skeptical about trying this because of my skin, not the product. Urban Decay is my favorite makeup brand and I love all their products. I was just worried this foundation would look bad because of my skin. I also bought this not knowing my shade which was nerve racking! So I didn't get my heart set on this foundation being amazing for me.

This is $38 at, Sephora, and Ulta. I got it in shade 1. I actually went off Vintageortacky's foundation shade. She is a shade lighter than me usually and she uses shade 0.5 so I got 1 in the hopes it would match.

Now to start with the praises, lol. The shade I got matched my skintone perfectly which was great by itself. This foundation is a strange consistency for me. Most of my liquid foundations are kind of thick. This is thin but not watery. Its strange and I can't really describe it. It applies beautifully and has very nice coverage, medium I'd say. And its buildable so if you wanted full coverage that could be achieved. It actually covered all my problem spots really well. The bridge of my nose still got dry, but I expected that and it wasn't because of the foundation. It made my skin look so naturally even and smooth.

Another big point was the price for me. I go through foundation pretty quickly so paying $38 for foundation is a huge thing for me. The most I had ever paid before this for foundation was $24 for a Clinique one. So I was putting a lot of confidence in Urban Decay and it was well placed. A little of this stuff goes a long way so this bottle will last me a while!

Overall I am way impressed and this does live up to the hype. They also have a great range of color so I think everyone could find their perfect shade. Its not too matte or too dewey so it would work for most skin types as well. It's well balanced and totally worth checking out!


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