Thursday, January 10, 2013

L'Oreal Product Review

Products I got: Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara and Color Caresse Gloss Stain in Coral Tattoo
 I was at Walmart the other day with friend and as per usual I HAD to go in the makeup/skincare section. Its like a compulsion. There are several drugstore products I wanted to get but I had a budget to stick to so I picked up these beauties. L'Oreal is my favorite drugstore brand ever. I have never used a product of theirs and not liked it.

I recently watched a video on youtube, by Glamlifeguru, that was a 3 part drugstore makeup haul and she talked about these glossy stains. They are supposed to be a dupe for YSL's glossy stains which are all the rage right now. I have never tried them because they are $32 each, which is crazy! (even for me!) But L'Oreal owns about 30 makeup brands, including YSL so its not surprising they came out with this. 

I was a bit skeptical at first, I mean the only lip product I have found that is super amazing and different are OCC's lip tars. When I got home I put this on to see how it applied. It was smooth and I really like the size and shape of the applicator. It felt nice on my lips too. It's glossy but not sticky, smooth and pigmented but not heavy. I am also a sucker for anything coral colored and this was a beautiful color for my very fair skintone.

I left this on for the rest of the night. I ate, drank, talked, etc. Before I went to bed I looked in the mirror to see how it wore because I could still feel it on my lips. IT HADN'T BUDGED ALL NIGHT! It looked exactly the same as when I had put it on! It was still glossy and the color was all there. I touched my lips and my lips didn't feel like there was a lipstick or gloss on. It's hard to explain this lip product. I suppose all you need to know is it's amazing and I am going to buy every color they put out once I have some money, they are that amazing...

These are $7 at Walmart and come in a nice range of colors from nude to red to pink to plum, etc.

I am still on the search for my "holy grail" mascara...perhaps I'll find it at the castle AAAAAAAHHHGGGG...(I really hope someone gets that...) I digress. I have used Eyeko, Urban Decay, Lancome, Benefit, Covergirl, Maybelline...I could go on for days. Many of them were ok but didn't do everything I need. I want a mascara that separates, defines, lengthens, plumps, and is SUPER black.

I had heard good things about L'Oreals Million Lashes and Voluminous mascaras. I decided to stick with the gold theme and pick this one up. I like the brush, its a plastic one with lots of lash grabbing bristles. They brag about a mechanism in the tube that makes sure the "perfect amount of product" is on the wand every time and I have to give them credit for that! I only had to wipe product from the tip, something I'm accustomed to.

This is pretty black, it has a slight grey tinge, but it definitely darkens my lashes. It separates really well and coats evenly. No clumpy lashes with this mascara! It doesn't make my lashes look fuller or longer. It's a nice every day mascara but my search for the perfect mascara continues...

This is also $7 at Walmart.

All in all these are both great drustore products. I ADORE the glossy stain and the mascara is really good quality. These are definitely some things to pick up for a bargain price!

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