Monday, January 28, 2013

New Halloween Goal for 2013!

I am a HUGE video game nut and there are many that I love and adore but the entire Fallout series tops my list. It is my favorite game series ever. I own every game, save Brotherhood of Steel. I could write for hours as to why I love this series so much and hold it in such high regaurd but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I have decided that by Halloween I am going to have a complete Fallout cosplay costume. It will be comprised of an armored vault jumpsuit, a pip boy, a Chinese assault rifle, a bag of caps, a Nuka Cola Quantum, a Big Book of Science, and some Rad-X. I haven't decided which vault number I'm going to use, it will ether be 13 or 101. I am also going to use the features of my favorite character I've created for Fallout 3, since the characters are more customizable. I usually have my character very pale with dark eyes, red lips, and seductress hair.

This is a big endeavor for me since I have little money and time, thus the long period of time in which I have given myself to complete this project. I am going to make the pip boy, Chinese assault rifle, and costume mostly by myself. A couple of my friends have been gracious enough to offer their help with prop making.

I have been trying to get a plan set out for getting all the items I need, and there are a lot. I'm going to have to scour thrift stores, army surplus stores, garage sales, etc. I'm also going to need an airsoft gun, a pip boy kit, and paint.

I've never done anything like this before so this is a pretty big project for me but I'm excited to get started. My husband and I should be getting a fair amount of money back in taxes so I'm going to put a little towards getting started on this.

 My main concern is the Pip Boy. I found a post on a forum by a guy who has casts and the items required to build your own Pip Boy but I've never done anything like that before so I'm nervous about it. So if I mess up I'm going to have to be really inventive.I'll have to assemble the whole thing, sand it, paint it, etc myself. The cast comes in two pieces and you can buy an extra kit with all the things you need to put it together. I'm sure it wont be easy but it should be a fun art project!

My plan for the Chinese Assault Rifle is not original. I'm going to get an airsoft AK-47, mod it, and destress it to look like the CAR. When done right this looks really awesome and this will probably be the easiest step.

My vault suit is another story entirely as I cannot sew. Given I can sew well enough to make a blue jumpsuit work I really want this to be awesome so I've thought about hiring someone to take my measurements and make the jumpsuit for me. I honestly think this will be easier because I want the colors and fit to be spot on. All the armor for the suit is easy enough to make and are things I can add myself. (gun holster, belts, shoulder armor, ammo belt, etc.)

As far as the Big Book of Science, bottle caps, and Med-X I have found some really good shops on Etsy that I can get these from, kind of as a time saver.

This is going to be a huge endeavor for me since I'm broke all the time and I can't work on art stuff around Ira. He always tries to help but ends up messing it up >_<. He's two so it happens. So I'll have to work around him and have a strict budget. I'll make blog posts every time I complete something. I'm going to break it down into mini projects to make it seem less daunting!


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