Wednesday, January 16, 2013

theBalm Put a Lid On It Eye Primer

I used the card as a reference to show the size of the sample.

I received this sample of the soon to be released theBalm Put a Lid On It eye primer in my Birchbox and thought it deserved its own blog post..
. I want to start out by talking about the other eye primers I have and use. My "go to" eye primer is Urban Decay's Primer Potion, which is kind of thick but works well and keeps creases away for the most part. I have also used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I own it in Candlelight. This eye primer is not as thick as the Primer Potion but they work the same I think. Many people prefer one over the other, usually Shadow insurance over Primer Potion, but I cannot tell the difference other than consistency. I have also owned Mary Kay, .Mark, Elf, NYX, and many other eye primers. Too Faced and Urban Decay's are better than all of those, though NYX is a good contender. 

Now on to the item at hand. I squeezed a bit of this out of the tube to see the consistency, how eyeshadow applied on it, if it creased, etc. It has the strangest feel to it, almost like oil but it dries and you can't tell its there. I really, really hated that at first but then I realized how light, thin, and unnoticeable the application of this product was. I then put a strip of this, Primer Potion, and Shadow Insurance on my hand and applied several different eyeshadows over it to see how they swatched. I used a super bright teal, black, pink, and champagne. I thought this would be a good range of color to test. (If I had a better camera I would have taken pictures of the swatches in a heartbeat but I fear you wouldn't be able to tell the difference with my phone camera.)

First I swatched the Primer Potion and the Shadow Insurance. They, of course, help the color pop and apply more evenly. Then I applied all four colors on the Put a Lid On It and oh holy lord I have never witnessed anything so amazing in makeup as this primer. The colors applied like they had a white base, they popped so much more than with the other two primers. They also applied like a dream. The application was SOOO smooth I couldn't believe my eyes. I also had to use less product with theBalm's primer than the other two because it just grabbed on to the shadows so well. 

I really thought from the consistency of this primer I would hate it but I am buying this as soon as I can because this is the most amazing product I have ever used in the way of primers. I really hope this product gets a lot of hype because it deserves that and more. Every time I try a new product from theBalm I am blown away. They are such a solid company and they make amazing products. This is going to be my go-to eye primer from now on!

It's not available at yet but it is available on the Birchbox website, Birchbox Shop-Put a Lid On It for $18!!


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