Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sephora freebies!

After Christmas I made a Sephora purchase and got a couple freebies. I thought they were worthy of their own blog posts haha.

I hear about this face primer all the time. I have always wanted to try it but was hesitant because its SOOO expensive! ($52 for 1oz!) So when I saw this was up for a 100 point purchase I jumped at it. The bottle is actually a nice size, I'll get a lot of use out of it. The formula is so nice, it glides over your skin and really blurs everything. It doesn't drastically change your skin but it does do a good job making your skin a smoother surface for your foundation. My foundation also went on super nicely over my trouble spot, the dreaded T-Zone... My makeup looked smoother and more natural but I got really good coverage. I also didn't feel like I had a ton of makeup on! I also thought the SPF was a nice added bonus.

If you really want to try this there is a smaller size, 0.33oz, for $18. That's still kind of pricey but if you are in need of a great primer this might be it for you!

Every time I shop anywhere online I use Ebates for cash back and coupon codes. At this time Sephora didn't have a lot of good coupon codes so I chose to get a deluxe sample of this BECCA product. I have never tried anything from this brand and know little about it. The sample was in Opal, it's supposed to be used as a highlighter or you can mix it in your foundation to give your face a glowy effect. I didn't expect much out of this because I knew nothing about it but I was pleasantly surprised! The product is very creamy and its a BEAUTIFUL color! It's a much more pronounced highlighter than most of the ones I have but I really love it! I was also surprised by the size of the tube! I expected it to be at least half the size it is. This is going to last me for quite a while, which is good because I honestly won't buy the full size since its $41. Given this is a beautiful product that is really pricey compared to most other highlighting products.

Overall these were great freebies of expensive products I would not have tried otherwise and I'm glad to have them both!

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