Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And so it begins...

I suppose I should start off by saying what this blog is about. The thing is I have no idea. It has been very hard trying to decide the content and basis of all this.

My first thought was makeup, a passion of mine, but how many makeup blogs are out there? Thousands? No, too generic.

My next thought was a geek blog, I would talk about sci-fy and fantasy shows, movies, and games. However, I don't think anyone would hold my opinion or thoughts in high regard. Who am I?

After that it was just a whirlwind of thoughts. Videogames? Motherhood? General observances of the world around me? I stayed up till I could barely keep my eyes open anymore, scouring my brain for a brilliant idea. Finally, fed up, I decided I would do it all.

This will be a blog about everything. Sure I don't have a "target audience" and I honestly doubt that anyone is really going to read this, but this is more for me than anything. An outlet, if you will. So I'm going to write about whatever I want because I don't have to please anyone but myself, and if I meet some nice people along the way great!

So anything that tickles my fancy will be here, from makeup, to sci-fy, to the funny thing my kid did today. I hope someone enjoys it.