Monday, January 28, 2013

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

This is the box they sent my concealer in....what the what Birchbox? hahaha

My beautiful concealer ♥

I picked this up from the Birchbox shop with points I had acquired, through a box messup and review points. (See my thoughts on Birchbox here --->My Thoughts On Birchbox) I got a set called Realness of Concealness from Ulta, pictured below, a while ago and loved the concealer but it was too dark for me which was a let down. I also don't have any concealer currently so I figured why not pick this up for free?!

As I said I love this concealer. I got the lightest shade and it matches me perfectly, it is super pigmented and covers problem spots with ease, it gets a little cakey in the under eye area but I don't have under eye circles so that's not an issue for me. Its just a great concealer overall and it was worth the $20 in points I used!


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