Monday, December 3, 2012

Sugarpill Cosmetics Haul! ♥

Yaaay! My Sugarpill package is FINALLY here! It felt like an eternity waiting for it! I love their shipping boxes with the pill kitty! So cute!

 This is my entire order. I shopped on Black Friday and got 30% off everything which was AMAZING. I wasn't going to get the Heart Breaker palette but with the 30% off I was able to! My entire haul includes:
Heart Breaker Palette
Burning Heart Palette
Chromalust Trio in Atomic (Includes Chromalust eyeshadows in Lumi, Royal Sugar, and Decora.)
Chromalust eyeshadow in Absinthe 

I also got some freebies which was super awesome! I got a sample of Chromalust eyeshadow in Birthday Girl, a BIG sparkly Sugarpill sticker, and a card about an upcoming palette!

Product packaging ♥

Chromalust eyeshadows! Super glittery pigmented goodness! From Left: Lumi, Royal Sugar, Absinthe, Decora.
Heart Breaker and Burning Heart Palettes♥ Heart Breaker palette from top left: Acidberry, Velocity, 2am, Mochi. Burning Heart palette from top left: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum. They really don't show up as vibrant as they are in person...silly phone camera haha.

 I'm not going to post swatches because I don't have a good enough camera and there are plenty out there. (Like here --->Temptalia-Sugarpill Swatches) I did swatch them for myself and I love every single one of them! My faves are Lumi, Decora, and Tako.

Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows:
 Lumi - white/iridescent eyeshadow with LOTS of glitter.
 Royal Sugar- royal blue with blue glitter.
 Absinthe- yellow/lime greeen with silver glitter.
Decora- hot pink with green glitter.
Birthday Girl- baby pink with fuchsia sparkle.

Heart Breaker Palette:
Acidberry- Matte lime green with pearl sheen
Velocity- Matte Royal blue (looks TOTALLY washed out in my pictures...)
2am- Matte purple with a pearl sheen
Mochi- Minty blue matte with pearl sheen

Burning Heart Palette:
Flamepoint- Bright matte orange
Buttercupcake- BRIGHT matte yellow
Love+- Matte red
Poison Plum- Dark matte purple with slight sheen

I'm not going to wear any other eyeshadow for weeks! These are definitely eyeshadows you need to use a white base with, like NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, but a lot of these stand well on their own! You can also use all of these wet or dry for different effects which is awesome. There's just so many possibilities and combinations with all of these.

They're definitely not for the faint of heart but even the most modest makeup wearer could pull these off as a nice wash of color. Me on the other hand...I'm going to have color all over my face haha! Expect to see a lot of pictures coming from instagram here in the next week because I could not be more excited to have some art time.

Overall I am totally blown away by the quality, not only of the product, but of the packaging! The palettes are in heavy duty cardboard cases. They have nice weight to them but aren't bulky and have a magnetic clasp so I think they would be good for travel. The Chromalust eyeshadows are in nice, thick plastic casing with a tight cap so unless you have butterfingers you shouldn't fear spilling/dropping these. I'm going to make sure I handle mine with extra care since I'm a klutz. I also LOVE that it came with some freebies! I mean, who doesn't love free stuff! I was really hoping I'd get the big Sugarpill sticker and I did! Its super pink and sparkly and I love it. And I love the sample of Chromalust eyeshadow in Birthday Girl and it's a pretty good sized sample! I'll be able to use it several times before its gone.

All Sugarpill palettes sell for $34, Chromalust trios go for $30, and single pressed eyeshadows and single Chromalust eyeshadows are $12. They also have false eyelashes in all kinds of amazing shapes and colors, lash glue, and stickers! This has been one of my all time favorite makeup brands for as long as I can remember and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to have fun bright colors on their face. Check out the Sugarpill website here--> They have a kick ass website and all orders over $75 ship free, and trust me its easy to spend that much there! All other orders ship for $5 which is a good deal. Go buy some right away and have fun with some pretties!

 Have fun and be yourself!
-Kenzie ♥

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