Friday, December 21, 2012

My Thoughts On Skyrim: Dragonborn

Every time DLC has come out for Skyrim I have jumped on that shit like its my job. Dragonborn was no different. I purchased it a few days after it came out and waited 2 hours for it to download, crappy small town internet! *shakes fist at the sky*

So obviously I was extremely excited about delving into this new area for all the quests and goodies. I was thinking that there would be one long questline with a few slightly boring side quests, like in Dawngaurd. But it was quite the opposite. The main questline was not nearly as long as the one in Dawnguard but there were lots of fun quests and miscellaneous things to do, so it was a trade off.

In the main questline you are trying to find a man named Miraak, who tried to have you killed. From there you ride a boat, after convincing a reluctant captain, to the island of Solstheim and your new adventure begins! If you want to read more about the details of the DLC go here-->Skyrim: Dragonborn, Elderscrolls Wiki

Alright so here's where the spoilers come in so if you don't want to know all the little details click away now.

Overall this DLC is really fun, gives you quite a bit to do, some cool new armor/weapons, places to explore, really everything you could ask for in this DLC. My only complaint is that some of the quests weren't longer or more thought through. Some of them seemed more like miscellaneous quests rather than notable ones. I also got through this relatively fast...well it seemed anyway. In total it took me 15 hours to get through most of the notable quests, exploring, crafting, etc.

Things I loved:
-The Black Book quests- Cool abilities and when you defeat Miraak you can reset your talent trees!
-The Reiklings- SO ADORABLE, cute little companions, interesting questline.
-The Deathbrand Armor set- Who doesn't love searching for buried treasure?
-Awesome new shouts- 4 in all, and umm riding dragons? What's not to love?
-How true to Morrowind the landscape, guards, and buildings were
-Little bonus'-The house and finding Sapphire's father...I enjoy little storylines like these quite a bit and the -house is like a dungeon, bad fucking ass!

Things I didn't like:
-There were a few quests that I really think should have been more substantial than they were. Several took me two minutes and they weren't miscellaneous quests.
-When I first played dragon riding/fighting was broken. It did not work at all
-A few quests seemed like dead ends to me. (The werebears, black books, ash spawn.)

In all I loved this DLC. It was a great addition to Skyrim quest, location, item, and shout wise. The few complaints, and I wouldn't really call them that, that I do have are very minor and I feel like I always expect more than I realistically should. I feel like I should also take more time on these but when they come out I have to play it and I have to play it all the way through asap. #gamerproblems But I digress, go buy this and be sucked into hours of gameplay once more. You know you want to...

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